Become an Advocate

Advocacy is Part of Our Role as Leaders in the Faith-Health Movement.

At the HMA Summit II, June 2011 attendees were motivated by presentations on national health advocacy campaigns. Since then members across the country have become involved in local, regional and national activities.

Your HMA leadership remains committed to lending their support to these advocacy initiatives and intend to help keep you informed on campaign updates and opportunities in the coming weeks and months. Watch for updates on this new section of our website, or connect to one of the organizations we have linked here to learn more.

National Health Advocacy Organizations

2nd Annual National Gun Violence Prevention Weekend, March 13 – 16

TO: Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence National Leaders
FROM: Vinny DeMarco, National Coordinator

The second annual National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend is March 13-16. We will, with your help, send a clear message to our country that this fight is not over. Many think it is, but those of us called to this issue by faith know that is far from the truth. We must continue to raise awareness, work for responsible gun use and for gun laws that save lives.

If your program for that weekend has already been planned…

Consider one of these three fairly simple ideas on how you can participate and keep your current program in place:

    1. Incorporate a compelling prayer, hymn or reading into your already planned service. Tell your congregants that your place of worship is joining with thousands of other congregations to recommit ourselves to preventing gun violence. Speak about the importance of laws that protect Second Amendment rights while keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.
    2. Set up an information table or hand out information at the end of service. Ask congregants to read about (and share with others) how gun violence prevention laws are saving laws in states where they exist. Mention that activities like this are taking place in places of worship from various faith traditions all across the nation.
    3. Include gun violence prevention success stories in your church bulletin. Encourage congregants to discuss the positive results of gun violence prevention laws with their friends, family and peers.

Download Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend Flyer